Jennersville Regional Hospital

“From the caliber of their subcontractors to the way they conducted each job meeting to the responsiveness of the entire organization, Wohlsen exceeded our expectations during our two-year project. We couldn’t have asked for a contractor that was more in tune with the unique demands of working in a small acute care hospital that was still operating at full capacity.

“They met our deadlines, brought our project in on budget, were respectful of our patients and helped us find workable solutions to the expected and unexpected inconveniences of a major project. As a hospital, cleanliness isn’t just an expectation, it’s a necessity. Wohlsen didn’t let us down particularly when working in occupied areas.

“We could tell that the functionality of the end product was forefront in their decision making process. They appreciated our input and kept us well informed during each phase.

“At the end of the day, Wohlsen’s success can be measured by the rave reviews of our patients, community, employees and medical staff.”

Chuck Davis, Former Chief Executive Officer
Jennersville Regional Hospital
West Grove, Chester County, PA

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