Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority

The renovated Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Transfer Station Complex is an asset we hope the entire community is proud of. Wohlsen’s willingness to fully understand the operational needs of the owner was essential, especially when you consider the project had to be completed in three phases covering a total of 36 months…all while 1,000 tons of waste was coming in and being transferred out on a daily basis. Never once did we have to stop receiving customers.”

“Wohlsen brought considerable design ingenuity and value engineering to the project. This effort led to many design improvements that saved on initial construction costs and in some cases long-term maintenance costs.

“And most importantly, throughout the project, the cooperative spirit of the Wohlsen team was evident on all levels. Having a contractor that wanted the project to be as first class as the owner did was greatly appreciated by the Authority. The terrific result of this cooperation is evident to all those who visit or just drive by the new transfer complex.”

James D. Warner, Former Executive Director
Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority
Lancaster, Lancaster County, PA

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