Messiah College

“Building Boyer Hall was an ambitious project – four floors and 101,000 gross square feet housing the School of the Humanities and the School of Education and Social Sciences. Basically, we needed to build the largest building on campus between two existing structures … with minimal disruption.

“Featured in the building is a state-of-the-art cinema facility for the College’s emerging Film Studies program and labs for the Department of Modern Languages, as well as 100 faculty offices and 25 classrooms. Boyer Hall was a very important building to us and we were confident Wohlsen could meet our quality expectations.

“Wohlsen’s supervisors were professional and courteous – yet relentless in monitoring safety and security. They planned ahead, kept the job site clean, and took extra care not to disrupt campus life. And Wohlsen’s craftsmen demonstrated good, old-fashioned woodworking skill.

“Up to our standards? Yes. On time? Finished a day early. On budget? Under budget. These attributes, plus their unwavering integrity, are all reasons I know I can trust Wohlsen.”

Dr. Ken Martin, Former V.P. Operations
Messiah College
Grantham, Cumberland County, PA

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