U.S. Boiler Company

“Wohlsen showed the experience and care to do it right, working closely with us. We had the right team pulled together. They defused many situations – we were never railroaded. Credits to Wohlsen for providing a good work atmosphere.

“They stopped subcontractors and encouraged them to rethink how they could do their job in a safer manner. The area was kept clean throughout the entire project, which was very important because millions of dollars of new equipment was in the warehouse on the other side of the wall. I clearly see how important safety is to Wohlsen.

“Throughout the project, the team balanced functional needs with budgetary practicalities. The end result fully met our requirements for improved safety, increased capacity, and enhanced capability with the ultimate benefit of more quickly developing robust, state-of-the-art products to meets the rapidly changing demands of our customers.

“Because of the exemplary project management, my team was able to move into the facility nearly one month ahead of plan.”

Gary Hainley, Former Director of Engineering
U.S. Boiler Company
Lancaster, Lancaster County, PA

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