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Quinnipiac University Partnership

Engineering is one of the most challenging and demanding majors of any undergrad program – many of Wohlsen’s team members can attest to this! As a leader in the industry, we value the responsibility to foster and grow the next generation of engineers and construction managers. Lucky for us, the area surrounding our Hamden, CT office is full of them — thanks to the Civil Engineering School at Quinnipiac University (QU) just minutes down the road.

As an existing client of Wohlsen, delivering on this promise simply meant expanding our existing relationship with QU into an invaluable partnership — one that everyone is thrilled about.

“At Wohlsen, we want to contribute to the community in which we live and work in a positive way,” Mauro Rubbo, Wohlsen Regional Vice President, explained. “We already had a great client relationship with QU, so working together to figure out how we could be a valuable resource to one another was very natural. We want to help provide students with those crucial, real-world learning experiences, while exposing students to the culture and work of Wohlsen as a company.”