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Wohlsen Announces Project Executive

We are pleased to announce that Mike Courtney has been promoted to Project Executive.

In his new role, Mike will ensure our project teams deliver on our contract commitments; simultaneously, he will help our operations team members grow professionally.

Mike joined Wohlsen in September 2017 as a Project Manager II in the Connecticut region. Throughout his career at Wohlsen, he led projects for LCB, Sunrise, and Allegro, as well as for Healthcare Trust of America, Gaylord Hospital, and Quinnipiac University. Mike was promoted to Senior Project Manager in June 2019 and subsequently led the team at Allegro, which turned a challenging project into a success for both Allegro and Wohlsen. Along the way, Mike has acted as a mentor to many of his team members and prides himself on building successful project teams. He exemplifies Wohlsen’s core values and was recognized with Wohlsen’s President’s Award for 2021.

Mike’s leadership is helping create the right atmosphere for our teams to want to exceed our client’s expectations and share in our company’s successes. Mike has created several raving fans amongst our clients, and they continue to want to work with us again and again as a result. That recognition is what fuels Mike to work harder and continue to build a team of winners here who want to be successful too.