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Team Members

In My Own Words… Gail Lind, Director of Special Projects Division, Del-Val Region 

Wohlsen Construction is a big company with a family feel.  

You get the advantages of working for an organization with a strong corporate backbone – such as access to the latest technology and professional development and training. But you’re not just a number. Each regional office is a tight-knit group. You get to know everybody. There is a sense of camaraderie. 

Wohlsen’s reputation for having a strong, positive culture was what made me want to join the team seven years ago. And the company’s performance spoke for itself. 

I had worked for a few other builders and needed a change. I wanted to work where people were happy, motivated and had opportunities to grow. My expectations have been exceeded.  

Hired as a project manager, I was promoted to director of the special projects division within about two years. I had people advocating for me within the company, encouraging me to take on the bigger role, assuring me that I was ready for it and that I would receive all the support I would need. 

I’m proud to hold the position that I do. I hope I can be a role model for women in the construction industry. 

Wohlsen does an extraordinary job of positioning itself for the future. I was selected as one of a dozen team members to participate in Leadership In Action, a year-long program aimed at building future leaders.  

Wohlsen is committed to being competitive in the industry, with regards to pay and the adoption of new processes and technology to increase efficiency and performance.