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Team Members

In My Own Words… Mark Grunza, Project Executive, Del-Val Region 

After working at another builder for over 25 years, both on the job site and in management, I felt I had climbed as high as I could. I was looking for a new opportunity, somewhere I could be heard and make long-term contributions. Wohlsen Construction gave me that opportunity. 

I love the fact that people are hungry here. They are motivated to work hard, and they have good reason to be. Wohlsen is employee owned. When the company does better, team members do better, through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan and bonuses.

We all share the same goals, and that creates a culture that’s rewarding to work in. We collaborate. We listen. Everyone can share ideas and feel that they are making a difference and are being heard. 

It’s exciting to be part of a growing business. Wohlsen has grown significantly in size over the past three years. That growth has occurred strategically, in a planned way. Wohlsen looks to the future. Recognizing that veteran team members are nearing retirement, we have plans for this succession. Future leaders learn the Wohlsen Way under veterans’ tutelage, so they are prepared to step into new roles.

Everyone has the chance to advance and develop professionally. There are formal, written plans for being promoted into roles with more responsibilities. Everyone knows what they must do to move ahead; you don’t have to wait to be tapped.  

Wohlsen’s goal is to make sure team members are happy. The happier they are, the more involved they are, the more productive they are. That’s how Wohlsen delivers such high-quality projects and why our services are in such demand.