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Lycoming College – Krapf Gateway Center

The Krapf Gateway Center at Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA, is a unique project that bridges the town and the college campus with an inviting entrance. The project includes new roads, a grand curved entrance, and a Welcome Center for visitors, students, and staff. The three-story Center embodies the college’s progressive values, promoting activity, unity, embracing differences, and independence. It features collaborative spaces, classrooms, a 150-seat presentation area, administrative offices, a bike shop, and a climbing wall. Funding for the project’s site work, including pathway and sidewalk replacement, road realignment, and new entrance features, came from RCAP funding and the community. This collaborative effort creates a genuine entrance to the campus, transforming Williamsport into a welcoming, progressive city.


Lycoming College


Construction Management at Risk


Williamsport, PA






September 2019

“The Wohlsen team always had the best interests of the College at the forefront, providing a sense of partnership rather than an ownership contractor relationship.”

Jeff Bennett, Lycoming College Vice President for Finance & Administration CFO/Treasurer

Bridging the College and the City

The new Krapf Gateway Center at Lycoming College serves as the welcome center and new main entrance and provides the first impression of the college to new and prospective students. The new three-story facility is home to the Center for Enhanced Academic Experiences; Center for Outdoor Leadership and Education; and Advancement & Alumni Affairs programs. The Center showcases the college’s offerings to prospective students and promotes creativity and innovation. This entrance serves as a unifying element, seamlessly connecting the campus with the surrounding community.

Working Within a Tight Schedule

The project included a new road leading to the entrance of the college campus and ultimately reaching the Center. From obtaining permits for the new road to coordinating efforts for the building’s interior, numerous challenges required careful planning and execution. Despite the pressure, Wohlsen successfully delivered on schedule, completing the project from preconstruction to postconstruction within a tight timeframe of 13 months.

The project’s success was attributed to meticulous planning sessions, frequent meetings with the City of Williamsport, and weekly collaborations with the design team, clients, and tenants. The construction team worked closely with vendors to ensure critical dates were met. Structural steel delivery delays initially strained the project schedule. However, the team was able to rally, expediting the metal framing and masonry to compensate for lost time to achieve the expected substantial completion date.

An Emphasis on Quality

Productivity was maintained throughout the construction process by open lines of communication, daily huddles, and constant coordination with subcontractors. Quality was of utmost priority, and Wohlsen’s superintendent meticulously recorded daily activities, ensuring that thoughtful planning and scheduling did not compromise the project’s overall quality. The team conducted continuous checks on materials, equipment, and installations, meeting regularly with the client, tenant, and design team to adhere to local codes and design standards. The team exceeded expectations despite encountering minor setbacks, and change orders were carefully reviewed before presenting them to the client.

Safety on an Occupied Campus

Safety was paramount, with a comprehensive safety plan enforced by the entire workforce, including subcontractors. Daily safety huddles, toolbox meetings, detailed traffic management plans and a site-specific safety plan tailored to the challenges of an active college campus were implemented to ensure a secure working environment.

A Successful Partnership

Despite the challenging timeline, the project was completed within schedule, meeting the needs of both the college and the community. Weather challenges were effectively navigated, and meticulous attention to craftsmanship details was evident in the Gateway Center. Recognized as a high-profile project for a long-term client, Wohlsen’s performance left the client, tenant, and architect extremely pleased with the successful completion of the Center. Lycoming College’s first impression is a grand, new entrance leading to the Krapf Gateway Center, carefully designed to symbolize the future of both the City and campus.

Key Partners

BHDP Architecture (BHDP)
Reese Hackman Engineering, Inc.
Jezerinac Geers & Associates
Derck & Edson Associates, LLP

Project Features

150 seat presentation space
Administrative offices
Bike shop
Rock climbing wall
Collaborative learning and study spaces


Award of Excellence – Keystone Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors

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